Wise Decisions at the Right Time

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Kairos Development is lucky to be located in a constantly growing and evolving area like Metro Atlanta. But, when you’re in a location where there is so much activity and so many potential opportunities, it’s tempting to get caught up in the excitement and jump on the first opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes, this works out, but we’ve found that acting with prudence – only taking on projects that seem like the perfect fit – has been one of the major keys to our company’s longevity and success. We aim to make ‘wise decisions at the right time’, and there are a few key thresholds a project needs to pass before we start work. Here’s a quick look at our thought process.

What’s The Demand?

Trends come and go, so determining what hot neighborhoods have staying power and what areas will be out of fashion by the time the project is complete is often the first step in analyzing an opportunity.  We want to be sure that we’re coming in to an established, but not too established neighborhood. Or, that we’re able to get in on the ‘upswing’ of a neighborhood that’s positioned to have staying power. How do we determine this? We can’t tell you everything in a blog post!



How Do We Make It Happen?

Feasibility is one of the most important points for us to consider when we are looking for our next opportunity. Yes, financial risk is required to bring financial reward, and encouraging your staff to push harder often brings a team together. But, in the long run, is a ‘cool’ project worth overextending your finances and your employees? Not if you want to focus on sustainability.


How Do We Make It Last?

This is one of the key points that sets Kairos Development apart from other developers. We’re native Atlantans and we’ve seen firsthand what happens when a developer puts something up to meet an immediate demand with little thought for the longevity of the project. If we can’t see how a project could become a lasting part of its community, we’re not interested.


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