1. Walkable

Walkable neighborhoods are communities that provide amenities and services within walking distance of the residential population, decrease dependence on cars, and increase the development of mixed-use spaces. At Kairos Development Corporation, we strive to create walkable live, work, and play spaces to meet the needs of residents, local business, and the community.


In an effort to ensure our growing urban center can meet the needs of increased local and professional populations, Atlanta has been expanding its green spaces, adding more bike lanes and sidewalks, and developing diverse street level retail near businesses and residential properties. Kairos continues to make Atlanta a pedestrian-friendly city with our many innovative developments that showcase the benefits of walkability.


The Aramore, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is a unique mixed-use condominium community that strategically blends the worlds of residential and retail to maximize the tenant experience. Residents and guests can explore some of the city’s best dining and shopping options within short walking distance of their own home. By developing this project in a bustling metropolitan area, Kairos has successfully utilized our market knowledge to contribute to neighborhood satisfaction and Atlanta’s overall walkability score.


As the city of Atlanta continues to grow, Kairos will keep developing community-driven, innovative, walkable spaces. Whether it be a modern day office park or a classically designed retail space, our projects will facilitate positive, people-focused advancement for the place we call home.