The Kairos Vision

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Having a distinctive vision is vital to our success. Every aspect of our work is conceptualized to consider our market, clients, location, design, and all of the intricacies in between. The careful planning and consideration of each facet of our business is what keeps us a cut above the rest and allows us to cultivate the Kairos vision. We wouldn’t be who we are without building our vision on these crucial key points:


Great Architecture & Design

Each of our projects reflects the unique flair and character of the space. Our architectural design blends into the fabric of the distinct community, adding a stylish new twist to traditional infrastructure. Many of our projects focus on renovation and restoration, such as our Buggy Works Office Park, and we strive to preserve the history and charm of each location while addressing the present-day needs of the community. 



At Kairos, we believe “a home is a reflection of its owner. It should be as unique as they are.”  That’s why we work diligently to provide personalized solutions to best serve the needs of our clients. We bring our expertise in design and development into the collaborative process and succeed in creating spaces that are tailor-made for our clients.


Client & Partner Relationships

Trust-based relationships with our clients and partners are the foundation of our business. Our team is comprised of industry experts who ensure we are providing exceptional service with outstanding results.


Market Driven Wisdom

Our decades-long track record of success has not come from dumb luck. Our sound judgment, experience, and proficiency in the market have contributed to our longevity and ever-growing achievements.  Wisdom has taught us the major drivers of the market and we strategically choose some of the most popular locations in the city for our projects. Buckhead, Inman Park, and Peachtree Road are just a few of the beautiful and charming locales where we’ve successfully developed everything from residential spaces, to offices, to retail. We understand great opportunities when we see them and we don’t hesitate to take proactive steps toward success.