The Art of Commerce

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At Kairos Development Corporation, we understand the value of having access to the best dining and shopping options right outside your front door. So much of loving where you live or work is enjoying the community and activities around you. That’s why we strategically blend the residential, office, and retail experience to bring the best of these worlds together. Our retail portfolio highlights our success in balancing retail, office, and residential client satisfaction.


Each of our mixed-use condominium projects were carefully integrated into popular locations, offering convenience and opportunity to residents and guests. Peachtree Hills, a thriving neighborhood in the heart of downtown Atlanta, is home to two of our mixed-use condominium communities. The Aramore is beautifully designed and offers residential space, the city’s best in fine dining, and street level retail that appeals to the lifestyle of its residents and the surrounding area. The Astoria, our second Peachtree Hills condominium and retail development, is a prime example of community cohesion. Designed to fit into the infrastructure of the existing neighborhood, The Astoria has retained its classic structure and architectural charm. Using our expertise, Kairos was able to identify a market demand for luxury residential and retail options for this area.


Along with our residential and retail projects, we’ve also successfully developed office and retail initiatives. BuggyWorks retail is our renovated multi-office building complex in East Point, Georgia. With the goal of supporting and integrating into this thriving community, this complex brings convenience to office space tenants while investing in the local retail businesses.


Whether it’s an office complex or mixed-use condominium building, we understand the importance of providing a prime location and opportunity for business owners and residents alike. We strive to cultivate convenient retail options for tenants, residents, and guests while also supporting local business. As we continue to develop exciting new office, retail, and residential spaces, we will exemplify the art of commerce and create the best places to live, work, and play.