Marilyn Amburgy

  • Accounting Manager

    An industry professional with 27 years of experience, Marilyn perfectly complements the Kairos Team with her extensive background in accounting and office management in the Construction and Development fields. As co-owner and CFO of Amburgy Properties, RJJ Development and RJJ Management, Marilyn and her husband develop projects in the Metro Atlanta area, including Residential Homes, New Residential Communities, and Self-Storage Facilities.

    As a new career move, Marilyn decided to offer her expertise in the unique and often complicated field of Construction Accounting to other development firms. Kairos was one of her first clients, and Marilyn feels that working with the company has been a perfect fit. Marilyn values the Kairos Team’s commitment to its moral code and the high value placed on integrity within the company. And, thanks in large part to a shared experience surviving one of the hardest hit industries in the Great Recession, there is a feeling of mutual respect, trust and camaraderie in the office.

    Marilyn works to keep the office running, manages accounts payable and receivable, reconciliation, payroll, producing full sets of financials, and the unique paperwork and accounting needs that come with development and construction. Her knowledge of those industry specific needs and her ability to meet them efficiently make her an invaluable part of the Kairos Team, especially as new projects and opportunities are underway.