Southeastern Market

  1. south east market

Kairos Development Corporation does more than just create a myriad of diverse multiuse spaces. We also corner the market, pinpointing prime locations and developing projects that best suit the area. The southeast is our home and this thriving market is teeming with opportunities for business, residency, and more. Our keen understanding of the market has allowed us to take advantage of the many benefits of developing and managing commercial and residential real estate in the southeast.


The southeast, and Atlanta in particular, has seen significant growth in recent years due to high employment opportunities, an increased population, and bustling international airports that offer both global and domestic travel. The inexpensive real estate and rapid development have also attracted the attention of investors around the world who contribute to the long-term economic growth of these locales.


As urban areas become more popular due to available jobs and increased housing options, Kairos has stepped up to deliver a variety of products to a wide range of clients. We’ve developed dozens of residential, office, and retail properties that serve the local community with live, work, and play lifestyle solutions. Wherever we go, we design vibrant Live Life Communities. However, with the unique advantages of building in the southeast, we have an even greater opportunity to help our community thrive.


The southeastern market has seen fantastic growth over the years and Kairos is working every day to keep this progression going. Our distinguished style and understanding of Atlanta’s prime location give us the tools we need to continue building cohesive communities and making the southeast the place to be.