Reinventing the Office Space

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These days, an office has to be more than just where you work.  The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime and for many, the office is a bit of a second home. In an effort to make the office more comfortable, people have been decorating their work stations, hanging pictures of family and friends, writing inspiring quotes on their white boards, and keeping all sorts of desk toys and gadgets nearby to remind them of home. Now, employees aren’t the only ones adding comforting and personalized touches to the work space. Developers are implementing a variety of amenities that add vibrancy to modern office design and make going to work a pleasant and seamless experience.


Kairos Development excels in the art of the workplace. Our work in office design, construction, and restoration reflects an understanding of community and consumer needs and knowledge of the latest market trends. Our office development portfolio showcases the many mixed-use and restorative projects we’ve developed around Atlanta and as is evident in our vision, “our stewardship in the property development industry is led by integrity and trust. A commitment to quality and our exemplary performance has positioned us for continued success. Kairos has emerged as one of Metro Atlanta’s leaders in mixed-use developments.”


The Astoria at the Aramore is a great example of integrating beautifully crafted, comfortable, and customizable touches to the work space. Not only was this building strategically designed to cohesively blend in with the surrounding neighborhood, it also offers a convenient location in Peachtree Hills, office space created for the needs of each individual tenant, and retail options tailored for the community.


Kairos takes special care when developing offices like The Astoria to make going into work as relaxing as returning home at the end of the day. We combine great design and architecture with the personalized needs of the client to ensure complete satisfaction. We want to make going to the office something you look forward to and we’ll continue to use our wisdom, creativity, expertise to do just that.