Lifestyle Solutions

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Choosing where you live, work, and play is a crucial part of life. Each choice impacts your well-being in a variety of ways, and at Kairos, we have an unwavering commitment to creating the best live life communities for our clients. As our name suggests, we identify crucial opportunities to perform accurately and skillfully in order to achieve this goal. More than anything, we strive to curate tailor-made lifestyle solutions for our projects and the communities where they are placed.


When we begin a project, whether it be a mixed-use development or a restorative venture, we choose highly market driven areas with unique opportunities for our clients. Great locations, thriving communities, and resource access are the major components we look for in the early developmental phases. With each project, we focus on community cohesive exterior designs while also personalizing interior designs to reflect our client’s unique interests and vision. We provide personalized solutions by building quality client relationships and working to empathize and understand the client’s needs. From customized architecture and design to community collaboration, we consider our clients partners in the developmental process. Every space we create is carefully crafted to reflect their personal style.


Our Lizzie Chapel Flats project was a restorative endeavor that transformed a historic church into modern condominium homes. The project was honored this year with the Award of Excellence for Best Adaptive Use by the Atlanta Urban Design Commission. Through open lines of communication with the Inman park community and a focus on tailor-made lifestyle solutions, this development has brought new life to the community and its residents.


At Kairos, we do more than build and manage wonderful places to live. We also provide client-centered lifestyle solutions through strategy, development, and design. We fulfill the needs of our customers and their communities, creating amazing places to live, work, and play.