It’s All About (Common) Space

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When you’re building a single family home, space is one of the first considerations – space for family time, space for privacy, even space for productivity. But, when you’re developing a condo building, especially one aimed at buyers who are used to the extra space that comes with a single-family home, making the most out of the community spaces becomes a top priority.


By their nature, condos are generally more compact than a single-family home, especially if they happen to be in a historic building like Lizzie Chapel Flats. For many buyers, this is appealing. Single level living combined with perks like elevators, covered parking, and a built in community create a comfortable, easily maintained environment for downsizing or simplified living. However, downsizing isn’t always the easiest process, and saying goodbye to excess space – whether that’s a study, media room, or outdoor area – can be difficult for the buyer. That’s why Kairos places a focus on the common areas in our developments, creating spaces that are at once comfortable and ‘home-y’ while also being refined areas that owners can be proud to show off and share with their family, friends and neighbors.


One of the trademarks of a Kairos project has always been customization. There is no ‘one size fits all’ project in our portfolio and that emphasis on customization is taken into account for our common spaces too. For example, when we were finishing out the Astoria at The Aramore  (luxury condos on Buckhead’s most famous road) we provided a series of common spaces suited to our buyers busy lifestyle and taste for the finer things in life – think a rooftop terrace complete with gardens, a pool, and skyline views; a meeting room that would rival those found in a Class A Commercial Building; A state of the art fitness room; and a concierge to meet each and every need.  Across town, when we were considering community area options for Lizzie Chapel Flats, we found yet another way to work the neighborhood’s charm into our development. By developing The Porch at Lizzie Chapel Flats, we were able to provide a beautiful outdoor area for our residents, and tie in to the neighborhood’s tradition of porch parties – monthly social events focused on the sweeping Victorian porches found on many Inman Park homes.


In many condominium communities, the common spaces and amenities are often an afterthought, or cookie cutter features that rarely see use. By combining our attention to detail with our commitment to a project’s unique strengths, Kairos works to create common spaces that augment and strengthen the communities we build. And as we have found time and time again, it works.