Historic Redevelopment

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Prime location and historic preservation are the name of the game for any market savvy real estate developer. The first step in crafting an unmatched office or residential experience is finding a convenient, bustling setting along with infrastructure that is classic and distinctive to the community. Kairos Development Corporation has mastered the art of designing and developing innovative, customizable spaces that meet professional and domestic needs.


As market leaders, we believe in the importance of the reuse and restoration of our city’s historic infrastructure. Atlanta’s plethora of sustainable older buildings make it the perfect setting to build upon the city’s timeless character. The Kairos team uses our expertise in design, architecture, and the ability to build aesthetic Live Life Communities to renovate and modernize these properties.


One of our local redevelopment projects is the Jefferson Station office building. Located in East Point, this class A office space was carefully renovated to maintain its historic charm while adding stylistic improvements, like a newly refinished lobby, and technological enhancements, like a large IT room, to accommodate current tenants and address modern business needs. The walkability of the area also provides easy access to commuting, leisure, and entertaining. Nearby public transportation, shopping and business services, and proximity to the downtown square are attractive amenities for the active local labor force.


At Kairos Development Corporation, we utilize our industry knowledge and experience to enhance the local market while preserving the beauty and character of our communities. We strive to develop innovative spaces that fill a need and serve as both functional and aesthetically cohesive neighborhood fixtures. When you are looking for your next office space, give us a call!