Community Cohesion


Every community has its own unique history, traditions, and aesthetics. From the people, to the local events and landmarks, the life of a community can be found in these intrinsic roots. Each time Kairos begins new development, we ensure that our project is a cohesive addition to the neighborhood’s rich story.


Each project begins with community outreach. Our team meets with residents to discuss questions and concerns about development, as well as opening up the door for suggestions and feedback. We understand the impact of new development in a neighborhood and take proactive steps to get the community involved in the process.


Our team also works diligently to create designs for our projects that preserve the original architectural style of the neighborhood. Our Sheridan Hills Parc condominiums are a great example of our dedication to community cohesion. Kairos received the Excellence for Historic Preservation Award for successfully converting 1940’s era apartments into modern condominiums that retained an exterior design true to the historical roots and architecture of the surrounding neighborhood.


With each new project, Kairos is determined to enrich every community we work with, in both structural design and local relationship building, as we strive to become a part of the community’s remarkable story; not rewrite it.